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    It was only after autumn that I realized that sweatshirts were out of style! This year's trend is to wear jackets with inner layers, which is very fashionable and western-style


    In recent years, the fashion industry has changed rapidly, and trend indicators are constantly updated. After autumn, we found that sweatshirts are no longer the fashion trend this year, and have been replaced by more fashionable and western-style "jacket inner wear". This article will tell you why sweatshirts are out of style, and explore the trends and advantages of popular jacket inner layers, as well as tips and suggestions on how to match jacket inner layers.


    Why sweatshirts are out of fashion - Changes in fashion trends

    Fashion trends are constantly evolving and changing, and people's attitudes towards clothing choices are gradually changing. In the past, sweatshirts were widely accepted as casual and comfortable clothing, but as times change, people's needs for clothing have also changed. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the combination of fashion and personality, and have higher and higher requirements for clothing design and brand. The simple and casual style of sweatshirts can no longer meet people's needs.




    Popular jacket lining

    1. Trends in jacket inner wear

    Layers under jackets have created a craze in the fashion world. It not only shows the combination of fashion and personality, but also suits the dressing needs of various occasions. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual party, wearing a jacket can give people a fashionable and stylish look. At the same time, the jackets are made of a variety of materials and rich styles, which can satisfy people's pursuit of clothing texture and style.


    2. Advantages of wearing jackets inside

    Compared with sweatshirts, wearing a jacket has more advantages. First of all, there are various styles of jackets that can be worn with a variety of tops and bottoms to create a variety of styles. Secondly, the versatility of the inner jacket makes it suitable for various occasions, whether it is formal or casual, it can show fashion and personality. In addition, the material selection for the inner jacket is also more abundant, whether it is cotton, denim, leather or silk, etc., it can satisfy people's pursuit of clothing texture and comfort.


    How to wear a jacket

    1. Basic principles for matching inner jackets

    There are some basic principles you need to pay attention to when matching jackets with inner layers. First of all, pay attention to the style and color matching of the jacket and inner layer to maintain overall coordination. Secondly, you should choose a suitable jacket and inner style according to your personal body characteristics to show your advantages and charm. In addition, you can also enhance the taste of the overall look through the choice of accessories.


    2. Various ways to match the inner jacket

    There are many ways to match the inner jacket, and you can choose the right combination according to different occasions and personal preferences. For example, for a formal occasion, pair it with a suitable shirt and trousers, plus a stylish jacket, which not only highlights your professionalism but also shows your fashion sense. In casual occasions, you can choose to pair it with a cultural shirt and jeans, plus a personalized jacket, which is both comfortable and fashionable.



    As fashion trends change, we find that sweatshirts have gone out of fashion, and jackets worn underneath have become this year’s trend. The inner jacket not only shows a fashionable and western style, but also has the advantages of diversity and applicability. When matching jackets, we need to pay attention to the basic principles of matching and choose the appropriate matching method according to different occasions. Whether formal or casual, wearing a jacket allows us to show our personality and fashion. Let’s ditch the outdated sweatshirts and embrace the new fashion trend of wearing them under jackets.